Amirah Adara Deep Purple


Lovely Amirah just can’t help but dance around her room, listening to her favorite bands, swinging her delicious teen ass around.

But as she dances to the beat, the intoxicating effects of music begin to take a hold of her, and a desire begin to build between her legs. Collapsing to her bed, Amirah starts to run her hands along her gorgeous young body, caressing her small breasts and arousing her nipples to stand hard at attention.

Slipping her top down around her waist and her panties off, Amira Adala takes a moment to appreciate the royal color of purple against her supple, soft skin. However, it’s not long before her focus is back and she slides a hand between her legs. Slowly teasing the tiny bud of her clit, it’s so sensitive from dancing around… Reaching around behind her, she gently slides two fingers into her now dripping wet teen hole.

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